Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Wish

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes.

Here is what we should do...

Every year, starting on my birthday, we will read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. That is 4 months of time, or about 4 pages a day.

This can be a tradition that will allow each of us to share spiritual experiences and insights, as well as allow the children (and the adults) to start in the habit of reading the Book of Mormon each year.

What say ye? Since no one cares about these blogs anymore, just use facebook I guess.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's that time of year...

Okay family.

Time for another Maxwell Family challenge. Last year we read the Book of mormon before Christmas. Congratulations to all those (Dad) who finished. If you actually did and I don't know about it I apologize.

What shall we do this year?

Perhaps we can all read "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister or something like that? Maybe we all should save 100 bucks to give to the poor at Christmastime. That's 20 dollars a month until then. What sounds good?

Comment this up!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Music and its concerts are the BEST.

This is in response to a former equivocation of mine.

Music is sublime. Heaven-sent. Supremely magnificent and wonderful. I apologize for ever thinking that music concerts in any way, shape, or form are terribly boring and at times strange. Please forgive me.

Music is the ultimate form of communication, and evokes sentiments in a way that no other medium can. I applaud all musicians in the world, and praise them for the unparalleled talent and expertise that they possess. I hope to attend many music concerts in my lifetime. I especially hope to enjoy harp concerts forever. Harp concerts are superior in every way, shape and form to any artistic venue.

Again, please forgive me for ever being negative towards music and/or the settings in which it is produced.


Clifford Maxwell

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Without further adieu...

Okay okay. Everyone is buzzing about my relationship right now, so I figured I could post some pictures and give everyone an update.

Here is the scoop: I am dating Tess, a harp performance major from Gilbert, Arizona. We started dating over a month ago, and it has been perfect ever since! Yes, we are getting more and more serious, but we are waiting to see how Boise goes to determine next steps. Yes we will be dating while I am gone. If you want more details, you will have to give me a call! Callie, she will meet you on the 4th of July, and we are trying to figure out a way to get her to California the last week of August to meet the rest of the gang. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

This is Tess and I at the Scottish highland games. We figured we would talke a picture with a Salt Lake Scots band member.

We decided to take a picture on a Sunday afternoon... so there you have it!

I have more of her... but I won't put them up lest she find out and get angry!

I love you all. Hope all is well!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Mission Story

My wallpaper on my computer flashes through mission pictures... this one made me laugh.

One time I went to see an investigator, and there was a large dead cat sitting on their driveway all mangled. The kids were circling the "gato" on their scooters laughing, so I went to the woman of the home (Maria) and said "Quiere que saque el gato?" "Do you want me to get rid of the cat?"

She said "Si" So I proceeded to ask for a pala (shovel) and scooped it up. The question then came to mind "Okay, where do I put this nasty thing?" There were no trash cans around, so I decided to go chuck it in the neighbors yard by the fence where he wouldn't see it. Unfortunately, right as I tossed the cat into his property, he came outside and said "Don't put that cat in my yard!!! Es grosero!!"

I then had to resort to Plan B: Dig a grave, and bury the cat in the backyard.

Here is a good picture of the moment. (Click to enlarge and witness the mangled creature. Karina, look away).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Flags is tempting me...

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that the family needs to go to Six Flags this summer. Well, I am upgrading my suggestion to the level of requirement.

You can now ride the Superman BACKWARDS. They haul you up to the top, FACE FIRST, and then SHOOT YOU DOWN!! Life couldn't get any better!

Oh.... and not to mention an entirely new zipper-like ride called "The Green Lantern".

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sometimes I play Justin Bieber radio on Pandora. No big deal.